Application of mica heating element in hair dryer

In hair dryers, the heating components are generally mica heating elements. The main form is to shape the resistance wire and fix it on the mica sheet. In fact, the resistance wire plays a heating role, while the mica sheet plays a supporting and insulating role. In addition to these two key components, there are also electronic components such as temperature controllers, fuses, NTCs, and negative ion generators inside the mica heating element.

Temperature Controller: It plays a protective role in mica heat exchangers. The general use is a bimetallic thermostat. When the temperature around the thermostat reaches the rated operating temperature, the thermostat acts to disconnect the heating element circuit and prevent heating, protecting the safety of the entire hair dryer. As long as the internal temperature of the hair dryer slowly drops to the reset temperature of the temperature controller, the temperature controller will recover and the hair dryer can be used again.

Fuse: It plays a protective role in mica heating elements. The operating temperature of a fuse is generally higher than that of a temperature controller, and when the temperature controller fails, the fuse plays the final protective role. As long as the fuse is activated, the hair dryer will become completely ineffective and can only be reused by replacing it with a new mica heating element.

NTC: plays a temperature control role in mica heat exchangers. NTC is commonly referred to as a thermistor, which is actually a resistor that varies according to temperature. By connecting it to the circuit board, temperature monitoring can be achieved through changes in resistance, thereby controlling the temperature of the mica heating element.

Negative Ion Generator: Negative ion generator is an electronic component commonly used in most hair dryers nowadays, and can generate negative ions when we use hair dryers. Negative ions can enhance the moisture content of hair. Generally, the surface of the hair appears as scattered fish scales. Negative ions can retract the scattered fish scales on the surface of the hair, making it look more shiny. At the same time, they can neutralize the static electricity between the hair and prevent it from splitting.

In addition to these components, the mica heating element in hair dryers can also be installed with many other components. If you have customized requirements for heating components or any questions about heating, please consult us.
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Post time: Sep-19-2023